Tutorial with Helen Douglas

Date: Wednesday 13 February 2008
Time: 3pm
Venue: Gymnasium Studio

“Don’t be a designer for most of the time.” Or “don’t act like a designer all the time.” I can’t remember what Helen really says. However, I remember what it means. And I always have to think about that.

For sure, this is a book art course and I’m an artist in this stage. I’m always struggling with my own position here. Am I a designer? Or am I an artist?

I have to ask myself the question. What do I really want? And how can I interpret myself in my own art form? These are important questions. I think Helen may think that I did too much research but at the same time, I lost myself. Research is supposed to be objective but something cannot be justifiable is “feeling”. Sometimes, that is what artist does.

How do I feel this strange world? And I have to put my own feelings in my art pieces.

Actually, the biggest impact here is the feeling of isolated or it seems there is a feeling of “I’m not belonged to here.” I’m a stranger or a foreigner here. I feel I’m being in a cage and can’t fly out and fly high. I don’t know. But actually, I escape from my own place and have already flied here. It seems the language is not the biggest obstacle but my own personality is the main obstacle to let myself out of this cage. How can I get used to live here? I have to ask myself. I know I have to break the rules and the walls. I really try to do so.

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