Tutorial with Susan

Date: Monday 4 February 2008
Time: 11am
Venue: Susan’s office

This is a nice chat with Susan. Same as before, I want to show all the books I made before to Susan to seek feedbacks. She also engages to see and touch all the books. It seems she is also happy and enjoys seeing the books for my friends. She recommends me to borrow an exhibition glass box in the campus and show these seven books. I take this advice and want to show them in the coming “Identity” Show.

At the same time, she wants to talk about the Unit 2 essay. She would like to give me some advice and direction to my topic of the second essay. In the first PGPD research essay, I wrote something about typography in trans-cultural context. Therefore, I want to talk about the visual structure of the book this time. Susan suggests me to do more primary research in library and museum this time. She suggests me to choose Keith A. Smith’s String Book and other books from the library to compare and contrast. I take this suggestion and continue to develop the essay.

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A piece of paper reflects not only time but also space. Books are formed by binding papers together to become containers of words that serve as a reservoir as well as a spring of wisdom.

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