Tutorial with Susan

Date: Tuesday 20 November 2007
Time: 11am- 11:30am
Venue: Gymnasium Studio

This is the second tutorial with Susan.

I also started the tutorial with showing her the books I made in these two months. What she felt and what the direction she gave me are a little bit similar with Les. Most of them are about Book “structure” and “materials”. Maybe the books I made gave her a feeling like I should concentrate studying the structure and material. I really think I should. It is really so important for me in my project. Simply showing the structure and materials, I can understand the nationality and culture. Instead of typography and language, it is the actual thing our hand can touch and our nose can smell.

I also told Susan about my old friend thought the book “Loneliness in the West” is my breakthrough. I’m really surprised with that. Maybe because I’m being a rational person for a long time in making art & design, so they thought this book is so emotional and poetic and they can really feel that. Susan also felt that the book is really frightening. It is all about the images, the tracing paper, the black papers and the black clothes inside. It really has a feeling of frightening and scary. Moreover, the way Susan read it or interpreted it is so unique and she just made it as a sculpture. I really enjoy different reader using different ways to read my books. I really feel good with this.

Susan asked me to think about: how will you continue to ‘set’ yourself projects within the more formal research? I really have to think about this because the pervious 3 books I made are the results of the workshops. They are something like assigned. Therefore, I have to start to make my own books to test the structure and materials in my own project. That’s really important. Another question is: will you write the ‘emotion’ project into your proposal? The artist emotion is really important for the artwork. So, I have to add this kind of emotion into my works. Although it cannot force to do so, I do really feel and do it naturally.

I also explain how I would like to conduct the basic research on the comparison of the Eastern and Western books. It is rational and formal research on different book cultures. Susan really appreciated that I can make the books emotionally with skillful hands and do the formal research with rational mind. She encouraged me to carry on this two practices at the same time.

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