Tutorial with Les

Date: Wednesday 14 November 2007
Time: 3:20pm- 4:50pm
Venue: Gymnasium Studio

This is the first time I have tutorial with Les.

I started to show him the three books I made in these 2 months. The first one is the one “Structure Testing Dummy 01” which simply combining the Eastern binding and Western binding together. Les concentrated in looking at the spine/ the exposed binding of this book. He thought that this binding and this structure of paper are already telling the story of the book. This contrast part of the binding is telling the content. So, the structure can be as content.

Then, I showed him the book of “Loneliness in the West”. Actually, I don’t want to say too much about this, as I want him to feel it himself. He also said that maybe I can just give the title and the book to the audience and then they can feel it themselves. It’s already enough. I think so. The artwork itself should speak for itself, if not, it is not a successful piece of art. Les said he really like my design of the spine which is a material dialogues for him. They already say something. I can also see that how different people treat the latter part of this book. How can they deal with the black cloth and the black papers? It is really interesting to study. There is a dialogue between the reader/ audience and the material. This kind of conversation is fascinating.

Thirdly, I showed him the book “My Little Body”. I thought it is successful that most of the readers including Les can feel the book and my intention behind without my explanation. Les really felt that the materials might control the behaviour of the reader. I totally agreed this. Maybe our role as a reader can be change or I can simply put this as a metaphor. Reader can be surgeon when they read this little fragile book. Reader can be in different roles when they treat different books. Les thought readers could be cook, policeman or any different professional when we read different books.
The comments of Les are so useful for me. He suggested me that I should consider building my own language of materials. Maybe after my experiments or trying of different materials, I can make a list of different materials that give different feelings or cultural impacts to us. Moreover, I can also make 2 books with same content but different materials used in order to see the effect of materials. I think it would be a effective experiment.

Another thing Les suggested me is that I could look at how the book operation imposes itself on the reader (through structure and materials). This is also so meaningful to investigate.

Finally, he suggested me to look at the “body of the book” of Stephen Bury and the Swiss Design that express the idea of nationality. Thank you very much for his efforts!

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