Tutorial with Helen Douglas

Date: Tuesday 16 October 2007
Time: 11am
Venue: Gymnasium Studio

I always think that one of the very great aspects of this course is that we have lots of chances to contact or talk with different guest artists and join lots of different functions of Book Arts. It really help me to listen, explore and think more about Book Arts and the stuff I’m doing for my main MA project. This is really helpful for me.

This is the second tutorial. I can talk with book artist Helen Douglas. I have planned to talk about the little book project I will make in her 3-day workshop and also talked about my own direction of the MA book project.

Helen Douglas is quite a serious person but her comments are quite inspiring. I have talked about my plan of making a book about “loneliness in the West”. I showed the photos I took before that day, and different printing effects on different kinds of black papers and tracing paper. Helen is quite a visual person and she can suggest you directly after she saw and feel the images. She pointed out that different effects have different feelings and which one is the best for her. She also suggested an artist whose work is quite similar to what I’m doing at the time. Her comments strengthened my direction of making the book “Loneliness in the West”.

Besides, we also talked about my direction of the MA project. I set my topic as knowing the different book cultures in order to combine or mix them together to make a book of ours. I also showed some of my book research in the East and the Structure Testing Dummy (which made in Les’s workshop) to her. Actually, she did not think I should only concentrate on the research from books. Instead of this, she really recommended me to go out to explore more about London and get inspired by the whole environment. I appreciate her comments to me as I will do that: going out to take more photos and just feel the environment and I will know more about the West. That is very true. The senses are really important for the artist. So, we can feel and reinterpret anything we are interested in our own way and put into the book.

Helen gave me a feeling that she is more “active” person rather than the one who writes the well-designed plan on paper. I totally agree with this. However, I also think the basic research for my project is also important because it can really concrete my basic knowledge of the differences or similarities of the East and West.

Helen told me that I am quite hard working. I thought this is because I showed lots of photo print testing on papers and my whole concept of the book I want to make to her. I feel quite happy to hear this. I also response to her that I don’t think I’m talented enough, so I need to work harder. Then, she said, “I can understand that.”

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