This is a real hard job. And it is much more harder for me is because I have to consider the title of two different languages, English and Chinese, and their inter-relationship. There is no need to limit them in normal or direct translation. They can be totally different but interact with each other contextually.

My final project is concentrating on a 1300-year-old Chinese poem which best describe and explain my story and feeling in London throughout this year.

The original title of the poem is called 月下獨酌, which can be translated into 2 different ways, one is “Drinking alone with the moon” and the other one is “moon. under. alone. drink.”

Actually, this one is quite good and I have already designed the title graphics for the Chinese title, which is combining the five deconstructed typography together.

Moreover, there is another choice for the title. Due to the important five words in this poem, I think of simply using these five words as the title name, which is 花。酒。月。影。我. In Chinese, it is just like a sentence in a poem that is very romantic and poetic. This already best describes the whole atmosphere of the environment.

But I don’t know about the English one then. Simply using the direct translation like this: flower. wine. moon. shadow. myself. I don’t know this is the most suitable one or not. It is difficult to pronounce as a title in English. It is not easy for the audience to remember neither. The order of the five objects cannot be inter-related in English.

There is a third choice for the English title: “my story in London”. It is an extremely simple one, which is saying the truth without any decorative language. My “story” has already included everything such as London, book arts, friends, my reflection and myself.

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