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【HKDC DMatters Interview】 When a book designer turns the page


所謂「瓦遮頭」,就是保障、安逸的象徵。對於書籍設計師陳曦成而言,意思不止於此。他於 2014 年辭去全職工作,並希望為其設計事業找個「瓦遮頭」。「有好幾年我過著遊牧般的工作模式,卻一直希望可以在辦公室工作,讓自己的設計服務更顯專業,心也可以穩定下來。」

以自由工作者身份工作兩年後,陳曦成建立其個人公司 「曦成製本」,並於本年七月進駐設計創業培育計劃 CITA 中心。「計劃提供的第一年辦公室免租及第二年優惠租金絕對是相當吸引。除了打印設施及文具提供,最新加設之鐳射切割機器幫助甚大。我早前參加兩節課堂,了解該機器之運作,學習如何測試紙樣。獲得的知識對設計及裝訂工作坊裨益甚大。」

作為設計創業培育計劃之新成員,陳曦成相當享受與其他設計創業家共處,感受創意正能量。「多得鄰室之計劃成員,我參加了一個已聽聞多年的設計比賽。」他相當期待參加不同訓練環節,包括財務及計劃書寫作,及參加如設計營商周及「7+1志在創業─ 設計與創意工業」證書課程。他指出,「要成為創意企業家,真的『乜都要識』。」

When a book designer turns the page

A shelter is a form of security to many. To book designer Chan Hei Shing, it is more than that. After leaving his full time job in 2014, Chan has longed for a shelter for his design business. “Though I was leading a nomadic working style for few years, I wished to run my design service in an office for a sense of professionalism and stability.”

Two years’ working as a freelancer, Chan had established his company Hei Shing Book Design and finally settled in DIP Kowloon Bay CITA centre in July. “Needless to say, the benefit like first year free rental and discounted rate on the second year (under the DIP scheme) is most attractive to us. Apart from printing facilities and stationery, the newly acquired laser cut machine is a plus. I just had two sessions to get to know the machine and test on paper samples. It would be helpful to our design and bookbinding workshop too.”

Being a rookie at DIP, Chan enjoys the creative and motivating vibe amid other design-prenuers. “Thanks to my incubatee fellow next door, I recently enrolled to a design competition for the first time even though I knew it for many years.” He is also looking forward to training especially on managing finance and proposal writing, as well as programmes like BODW and 7+1. “To be a creative entrepreneur is to be all-round,” says Chan.

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Hei Shing

書就是… A Book is…


A piece of paper reflects not only time but also space. Books are formed by binding papers together to become containers of words that serve as a reservoir as well as a spring of wisdom.

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