be*friend book

Friends* Artist’s Notes

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

If everyone were a book‭, ‬what kind of book would you be‭? ‬

These seven books are‭ ‬my own interpretation of my seven friends in London‭. The totality of their attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, and some of my own expectation to them are re-interpreted in these books. ‬The personality of each of them is expressed through book structure and materials‭/ ‬paper‭. ‬Each book shows the quality of existing as‭ ‬a person‭. ‬‭‬When they go together‭, ‬they start to influence and interact with each other‭. ‬‭‬Their‭ ‬behavioral‭ ‬patterns and emotional responses‭ ‬could be felt by the experience of physical and tactile reading‭ ‬of these books‭. ‬

The title of this project is “be*friend” which means, “act as a friend”. Honestly, I didn’t know them for a long period of time, just about half a year; I even don’t understand them thoroughly; but I don’t think it is a problem. I just know that I made these friends wholeheartedly. I think it’s enough. At least, they occupied a place somewhere in my heart. I remember to make presents for them in Christmas or their own birthdays. All of us are international students, I truly want to give them a kind of warmth in these important dates, as I understand no one can get used to “lonely”. No one deserved to be alone.

Main Aims:
¹Book as gifts to my friends in London
²To acquire the knowledge of using structure and materials of books (instead of text & image) to express and interpret one’s personality and attitude
³To set my own language of structure & materials

Hei Shing


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Hei Shing

書就是… A Book is…


A piece of paper reflects not only time but also space. Books are formed by binding papers together to become containers of words that serve as a reservoir as well as a spring of wisdom.

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