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Structure Testing Dummy 01

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This structure-testing dummy is called 2 sides.

I’m studying the cultural difference and combination of the east and the west. Binding of the book is one kind of difference in these two different book cultures. I would like to combine these two kinds of binding together.

The traditional books in these 2 cultures are very different. In the West, the book is very heavy with very heavy materials and paper. So, I combined 20 booklets to form this book and a hard cover is used. As this is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, the book should be strong and heavy. And on the surface, the book is conservation and tradition but it’s different when you look inside. There are lots of small booklets inside this book. If you see the bigger pages outside as the mother, the small booklets will be sons. If you see the outlook as the traditional culture, the small booklets would be the sub-culture that is very funny, colorful, active, attractive and different. There are small boxes in the booklets; they symbolize “book as a container of knowledge”.

For the Asian parts, I choose to use very different materials and paper. I choose to use light and soft paper. The traditional Chinese books are very soft and light. It is easy to take in hand to read. I used the Asian binding and the oriental fold book format to make the part of the East. I choose to use a variety of write paper, as it is harmonious and peaceful. It is always the philosophy of the scholars in Asia.

If the Western part were strong and masculine, the Eastern part would be soft and feminine. They combined to form the whole world. The concertina/ oriental folded way of book format is used to be the transitional section linking the eastern part and western part together. The two sides can be far away, but they can also be close to each other. Putting this book as a circle form, a world that is divided into two parts. One is the East and one is the West.


Hei Shing

書就是… A Book is…


A piece of paper reflects not only time but also space. Books are formed by binding papers together to become containers of words that serve as a reservoir as well as a spring of wisdom.

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