Hei Shing’s Brief Project Proposal

The following points are the brief project proposal of mine which is mainly for the admission interview of the school in London. It is so rough that it’s just confirming a simple direction. I would modify it time by time.

{MA Book Arts}

Research question: my work is concerned with cultural difference between the people of the east and the west. How they treat a “book”? Because of the cultural difference, people in the two sides of the world read, make, design, use or treat book in different ways. It would be very interesting to study the paper, the typography (language), the structure, the form, the format, the visual impact, the binding, the sequence of images, the texture, etc. How does the cultural background influence the artists, designers and the readers? Why do we have this kind of preference?

Aims: -To find a different mirror to reflect yourself (what I’m thinking is: whoever you are, you have to find someone who are different from you. Then, you can learn a brand new aspect to see things; at the same time, you will understand yourself more.)

Expected Outcome: from all kinds of research, I would find an insight from these 2 contradicting “book” cultures. Then, I would like to make a book which is a kind of reflection.

– Historical Research
I can go to search in the library, galleries, and museums for the history of human reading habits. The research should be mainly focused on the comparison between the east and the west. It would also be related to the living environment, the language system, the politics, the literacy level, etc.

– Art & Design Research
I have to research on the famous book artists and designers in both Asia and Europe. How’s their preference in designing and making books?
Interacting with fellow students and various tutors from different countries would be best to know the different minds forming different results. I also have to explore different book formats and concepts.

– Theoretical Research
The leading theory in different countries would be very important to influence people and led them to do something. This is the reason and direction.

The art and design theories would also have to be researched.

Resources: I would make full use of the Libraries, Arts galleries, museums in London to do my research. I shall need to access to a Macintosh computer, digital camera, and a scanner and printer; also the screen-printing, letterpress and book binding workshops.

>prepared by hei shing on 18 January 2007 for the admission interview


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A piece of paper reflects not only time but also space. Books are formed by binding papers together to become containers of words that serve as a reservoir as well as a spring of wisdom.

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